Roar Thun Waegger

Founder, CEO and Facilitator

Roar is a facilitator, advisor, and mediator.

With his experience and training from Harvard PON's and Pepperdine Straus' Institute in negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution he is here to help YOU solve your challenges.

He is a Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator, a certified UK civil/commercial mediator, and a certified mediator by the Norwegian Bar Association.

Roar conduct, facilitate and tailor negotiation processes for his clients so that they can overcome difficulties, using the intricacies of The Power of Nice®.

He is a licensed partner in Norway to the well-renowned American negotiation and consulting company, Shapiro Negotiation Institute's (SNI), located in Baltimore, USA, to train his clients in The Power of Nice®.

Experience & Client History

From 2008 - 2017, when he founded WNI, has Roar been working as a lawyer with employment and labor law, negotiations, consulting, and training. From his work, as a lawyer, his goal was always to save his clients time, and the emotional upheaval produced by litigation. Many times, has Roar been quoted for his statement "I do also go to court, but only when necessary". His years of experience have taught him that problem-solving and effective negotiations produce better results.

As a collaborative lawyer, Roar has helped other lawyers and managers plan and execute strategic plans, negotiate more effectively, and lead teams to better collaboration and better results.

With this experience in the fields of law, negotiation, mediation, psychology, and communication he wanted to work full-time in advising and training others to solve their problems and difficult negotiations. Now he is a "reformed lawyer" helping his clients negotiate effectively.

International Experience

He is part of the faculty in ADR-ODR International, an International Provider of Dispute Resolution & Professional Training. Roar is a certified trainer and mediator with ADR-ODR International and can be hired in any of the multiple countries they are represented. He is their Scandinavian representative.

Roar has, for many years, been a coach for the official Norwegian team competing in, The International Negotiation Competition - INC, and several other international mediation and negotiation competitions. He serves regularly as a judge at international and national competitions.

Professional Background

Roar began his career as an educator in a small educational company developing personal skills, and helping them back to a new profession. He later worked almost 10 years as a tax lawyer for the Norwegian IRS. During these years he also served as a national representative for the IRS lawyers working collaboratively with the managers to develop and implement a fundamental reorganization.

He then applied his collaborative approach as a lawyer specializing in employment and labor law in the Norwegian Association of Lawyers. In this role, Roar was responsible for developing a negotiation and influence training program that increased the influence and behavior of his clients and representatives to find more effective and better solutions through negotiations.

Roar has for several years been a lecture for the Norwegian Center for Continuing Legal Education (JUS) in negotiation courses to the legal profession, both in the public and private sector. He is also an external examiner of Master Thesis in negotiation and conflict resolution assessor at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.

Education and Community Involvement

Roar is cand.jur. (the law degree) from the University of Oslo. He has continued his professional education at Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation, and Pepperdine University, the Straus Institute, to develop his skills in negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution.

In 2020 he co-founded an NGO, Sport4Understanding, to use sports to develop contact and understanding between young people from different parts of the world. The philosophy is that activity, knowledge, and friendship help to build understanding and break down barriers.

Besides, Roar has had a strong involvement in the American conflict resolution organization PeacePlayers International (PPI) for years. Together with his wife and three kids they moved to Cyprus and worked voluntarily with PPI-Cyprus for one year. There they helped create, and take part in an exchange program, Lead4Peace, with youths from all PPI destinations Cyprus, Northern-Ireland, Middle East and South-Africa, and their basket club Nesodden, in Norway.