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Our two signature programs

One of WNIs training programs is the negotiation concepts 

The Power of Nice

The Power of Nice is about empowering yourself, value relationships, systematic approach, not summative, and not hard.

You will learn how to use the 3 P's; Prepare, Probe and Propose.

The 3 Ps underscore that negotiation is a process, not an event. The 3 Ps are a straightforward system

- Prepare to increase Confidence,

- Probe to obtain information, and

- Propose to use a plan.

The training is tailored with many practical exercises and role-plays based on recognized negotiation theory so you will raise your awareness and have a more systematical approach to your future negotiations.

Then you will be able to:

Negotiate More Confidently - Lack of confidence is often attributed to a lack of knowledge. By providing you with the right tools for effective negotiation, the Power of Nice will help you develop the skills and knowledge to increase your confidence.

Achieve More "WIN-win" Outcomes - "WIN-win" is an overused and misunderstood phrase. With the Power of Nice, you will obtain a perspective that focuses on achieving YOUR desired results, while also building relationships that can lead to many more deals in the future.

Utilize the Three Ps: Prepare, Probe, and Propose -

Effective negotiators have a system. The Power of Nice system is effective because of its simplicity. Rather than memorizing exhaustive lists of "do's and don'ts," you will learn a simple approach that will help you in all of life's negotiations.

It is developed by Ron Shapiro, an expert negotiator, sports agent, and bestselling author. 

Another of WNIs training programs is the unique combined negotiation and neuroscience concept

Negotiation with the Brain in MIND

Experienced negotiators, mediators, and dispute resolvers traditionally relied on a logical, rational process to resolve disputes. 

A vital part of the work of settlement and resolution is often to manage high-conflict personalities, heightened emotions, deeply held beliefs, and other barriers to seemingly rational deals. 

The rules of engagement are changing because of the findings from brain science, which complement negotiation and conflict resolution with new insights and strategies. It is being used to help understand the nature of conflict and the role that the brain plays both in initiating conflict, as well as resolving it.

Negotiating with the Brain in MIND training program is about how brain functioning gets us into disagreement, conflict, and dispute.

You will learn 

why seemingly rational and logical solutions do not always work in negotiation or conflict resolution more broadly, before we teach you effective strategies to overcome this in either settlement or resolution. 

It is usually a battle between reason and emotion. Emotions have a profound effect on negotiation and mediation. The exploration of emotions is the key to a successful resolution to conflict.

Negotiating with the Brain in MIND combines findings from brain science to enhance your skills in handling difficult conversations, conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation.

Learn more about Negotiating with the Brain in MIND

The concept is developed in a collaboration by Jason Liem, founder and CEO of MINDtalk and founder of WNI, Roar T. Waegger. 

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