Workshops, Webinars & Executive Education

WNI offers tailored training programs, and open-enrollment workshops and webinars in negotiation, dispute resolution, decision-making, challenging conversations, sales, leadership and management, and group process. As well as the intricate art of balancing influence and advocacy. Recommended for businesses or organizations.

Most of WNI's workshops are for one- or two- days although we also offer workshops that are shorter and longer, depending on a client's needs and goals.

All our trainings draw upon the latest interdisciplinary research in facilitation and teaching adults. It is especially paramount for us to foster psychological safety in the virtual meetings and trainings. These digital workshops, webinars, are extremely dynamic, combining short lectures, interactive exercises, skills-based simulations, and structured reflections and debriefs.

In WNI workshops we are using licensed materials developed at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, from our partners in addition to materials we have developed over our years of practical experiences.

Training programs

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Our two signatur programs

The Power of Nice 


Negotiation with the Brian in MIND

One of WNIs training programs is the negotiation concepts 

The Power of Nice

It is about empowering yourself, value relationships, systematic approach, not summative, and not hard. 

Another of WNIs training programs is the unique combined negotiation and neuroscience concept 

Negotiation with the Brain in MIND

The concept combines findings from brain science to enhance your skills in handling difficult conversations, conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation. 

Other trainings

We have several topics/topics that can be tailored to what you think fits best with you and your team.